How Do You Go To The Toilet In Space?

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How Do You Go To The Toilet In Space?

Toilets used on gravity space stations have been specially designed.
The question of how astronauts go to the toilet in space is a common question.

Here, space is not about space. This is how astronauts on a spacecraft or gravity station on the International Space Station go to the toilet.

If you go to the rest of the world on the ground, you will have to sit on a toilet like in the Orient. In the western part of the country, whether it is a toilet or a toilet. Finally, the gravity of the earth pulls away the filth you throw away in any toilet, whether it is in the wild or in the wild.

But this is not the case for astronauts on the space station. Due to the gravitational pull on the space station, the gravity dumped by the astronauts will not be dragged down like on Earth. Due to the lack of gravity, these debris will float on the spacecraft.

It is quite frightening to think that such filth is floating in a space shuttle. Not only is it bad for the astronauts’ health, it can also damage the electronics and other equipment installed on the space station.

So how do astronauts on the space station go to the toilet?

They had to use a toilet designed specifically for use on the space station. In this toilet, a vacuum cleaner is used to prevent the dirt from escaping.

Vacuum toilet
In 1961, the first manned spacecraft was launched from the United States. Alan Shepard became the first American astronaut after Yuri Gagarin in Russia to become the first American to enter space.

His trip was really a short one. So the NASA scientists who planned the space shuttle had no plans to risk anything for him.

Coincidentally, the launch of the Allen spacecraft was about three hours late. Here Allen’s bladder tightens and she can no longer urinate. So I asked the people in charge of the launch to let me out and let me go.

Reluctant to spend time, the launch officials refused to let him out and ordered him to explode in his space suit. So the first space hero to go into space in the United States had to go into space in his underpants.

Today’s astronauts are much luckier than Alan. This is because the International Space Station has a large, secure space toilet.

The first toilet installed on the International Space Station was designed and built in 2000. The problem is that these original toilets were designed for men only, making them inconvenient for women to use.

If you use this toilet for light, you will not be able to sit down and use the toilet.

If you want to lose weight, you have to tie the toilet and the weights together to prevent the user from flying in the air. It also has to be air-tight with no gaps between the user’s back and the seat around the toilet.

In practice, this toilet is very difficult to use. Also, keeping the toilet clean is not easy.

$ 23 million new toilet installed at the International Space Station
A new $ 23 million toilet inside the International Space Station (Photo: NASA)
So in 2018, NASA developed a new space toilet at a cost of $ 23 million.

This toilet can be said to be a specially designed vacuum cleaner to overcome gravity in space.

This toilet has two parts. The first section has a bow at the top and the second section has a small toilet bowl. The hose connected to the hose is for light discharge. The small toilet seat is for weights.

Toilets can be used to attach arms and legs. It also has a lot of ankle straps. Then let the astronauts fly in the air before the ‘work’ is over.

It can be used sitting or standing for light weight. For ease of disposal, attach the hose to your skin to keep it airtight. The waste urine is sucked in by an air pump and purified into fresh water.

If you want to lose weight, you have to sit on this toilet.

As soon as the lid of the toilet bowl is not turned on, the bottom air pump starts to work. Equipped with a powerful air pump to prevent dirt from escaping. In addition, this suction helps to control the odor coming out of the toilet.

The space shuttle is made to be airtight so that there is no space between the back of the astronaut and the toilet bowl.

Demonstration of a toilet on the International Space Station
Demonstration of a toilet on the International Space Station (Photo: Don DeBold via Wikipedia)
What happened after the affair ?
Urine contains more than 90% water. Water transport and storage space is so heavy that it can not carry much water.

So the astronauts have to retrieve fresh water from their urine. In reference to this, astronauts often say, “Today’s coffee is tomorrow’s coffee.”

So what about the ‘shit’ that astronauts throw away? What happened next?

Russia’s Progress space shuttle carries cargo to space station
Russia’s Progress space shuttle carries cargo to space station
In some cases, space debris is transported back to Earth for research. But most of the time, these wastes are dumped and burned into the atmosphere.

Dirt from the toilet Toilet paper All gloves used when going to the toilet (gloves that need to be washed because water is scarce to wash hands) must be stored in airtight containers. The containers were then loaded onto trucks carrying food and other supplies to the space station.

The truck was pushed out of orbit and pushed into Earth’s atmosphere. The truck carrying the toilet waste returned to Earth’s atmosphere and caught fire in the upper atmosphere. The fire also destroyed the space toilet debris that was brought back with him and the truck.

If a star erupts in the sky the next day, it could be a meteorite entering the Earth’s atmosphere, not the astronauts’ toilet waste.

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