Can you survive by jumping off in a falling elevator?

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Can you survive by jumping off in a falling elevator?

This is a very dangerous incident. The enclosed elevator will suddenly stop after falling from a height. So it’s unthinkable for the person inside. But this is possible. Elevators are becoming more and more popular these days. Good or bad. At work Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. What will you do? Would it be better to jump on time?

To begin with, we have to start thinking that we are falling down with the elevator. The elevator will stop abruptly as soon as it reaches the bottom, and so are we inside. It is unthinkable.

What if we jump? Let’s do a little thought experiment. We jumped up just in time when the elevator hit the bottom. If we look back at this incident with a slow motion from the side, we can go up in time with a jump speed. The elevator will always be down. As we jump, the speed at which we fall back will not be as high as the elevator. Mathematically speaking, we have to subtract the speed at which we jump from the elevator speed to get the speed back down .

In fact, it all depends on how high you started falling
Let’s do some more calculations. Let’s say we can jump about 2 feet high. Then you can calculate as follows.

Falling from a high floor (about 10 feet) – If we could jump in time, we would only hurt as much as falling from a height of about 31 inches. You will be young. If you do not stay on your knees, you will not have any problems. But we have to be able to jump in 0.8 seconds.

Falling from a height of three stories (about 27 feet): If we could jump in time, we would fall from a height of about 15 feet. This will definitely break the bones. But he can still live.

(Some say lying face down on the floor in this situation is a bad idea. We should protect our head, let alone break our legs.

Falling from a height of 5 feet (about 45 feet) – If we could jump in time, we would fall from the same height as we would fall from a height of about 30 feet. To survive is to write. But you should try to live like this rather than die for sure. You will jump in time in 1.7 seconds.

Jumping on time is also a matter of luck and calculation. You have to be careful. A little late, we hit the wall. If you go a little early, you may end up hitting the roof of the elevator with your head.

If the elevator fell from a height of about 50 feet, it would fall at a speed of 124 miles per hour. However, the air trapped under the elevator will provide some relief at the bottom.

Do not worry. Just jump. It makes it more comfortable
Do not worry too much about the conclusion. The latest elevators are equipped with life-saving systems, Includes electromagnetic brakes.

The calculation methods used here are as follows.

Impact Speed = elevator speed – jump speed

Then we can calculate the corresponding velocities according to Newton’s mechanics through altitude.

Speed = square root of (2 x g x height)

The value of g is the well-known acceleration due to gravity.

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