How to Make IT Professionals More Approachable

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How to Make IT Professionals More Approachable

Don’t wear headphones if you want to be more approachable as an IT professional. You might like to listen to music at work. I can understand this because I like to listen to music when I need to do work or write these posts. It helps me focus and avoid being distracted.

However, wearing headphones is a good way to avoid being approached by others. It gives the impression that you don’t want to be bothered. Have you ever attempted to approach a person who was listening to music? Have you resolved not to? Or did you approach them out of remorse for interfering with their music? We want to avoid this kind of doubt and questioning, even if you didn’t.

This is one of the reasons why I advise against wearing headphones or listening to music at work.

Positive Body Language People’s perceptions of you are largely influenced by your body language. Your behavior can make you appear more approachable.

Try to sit straight, in a comfortable position, and appear interested in your work if you do most of your work while seated. Other people will be hesitant to approach you if your body language makes you appear exhausted or frustrated. This can be greatly improved by remaining in a calm and cozy position.

Also, if you stand for a lot of your job, try to stay relaxed and at ease. Avoid conveying a feeling of rushedness, anger, or frustration through your body language, which will make you appear less approachable at work.

Be positive Being positive is a big part of being approachable. Keeping a positive attitude is helpful whether you’re sitting at your desk, moving around the office, or just about anywhere else. Positive people are easier to approach, which benefits your team and projects a positive image to your manager. Your boss wants his team to succeed, and if you’re helping others, that helps a lot.

A great way to become more approachable is to be positive. People won’t want to approach you if you’re negative—frustrated, irritated, tired, angry, or anything else—and it can make you appear more threatening. Your chances of getting a raise and promotion will suffer as a result!

Bonus Tip: Answer Your Phone Yes, despite mentioning three, I thought I’d add a bonus tip!

While answering your phone can make you appear more approachable, it may appear counterproductive. In the office, there are always people who don’t answer their phones, screen their calls, or just don’t use their phones. The phone is an essential business tool that should be utilized effectively.

Since you are not avoiding anyone and are happy to talk to whoever is calling, constantly answering your phone gives the impression that you are approachable. People who are around you will notice that you have this attitude because you are happy to talk to people, even if it means interrupting your work.

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