Building an ODC in Bangalore has advantages.

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Building an ODC in Bangalore has advantages.

The advantages of setting up an ODC in Bangalore Bangalore is often referred to as Asia’s Silicon Valley because it is home to numerous well-known tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. The Scalers offer high-spec workspace, onboarding procedures, and a pool of talented engineers to ensure rapid scalability, complete alignment with headquarters, and reduced time to market when building an ODC in Bangalore.

Bangalore is a great place for businesses looking to innovate and expand because it has a thriving startup culture. Engineers and other professionals from India and beyond make up the city’s diverse talent pool. There is a thriving ecosystem of startups, incubators, and accelerators in Bangalore alongside the tech giants that can assist businesses in flourishing. Companies can focus on their core business while taking advantage of all the advantages of an offshore development center, which include a high-quality workspace and a local team that is supportive.

The Scalers’ offshore development strategy The Scalers have a tried-and-true offshore development strategy that keeps them in control of the development process while allowing for rapid team formation and expansion. From recruitment and onboarding to local setup, administration, and human resources, they take care of everything. With information driven reports, associations can scale unbounded, fulfill conveyance needs, and have a confided in long haul accomplice. 70% faster than at home, the Scalers construct enterprise-grade teams of over 100 engineers.

Engineers who are not only highly skilled but also compatible with a company’s culture and values are the goal of the Scalers’ recruitment process. They collaborate closely with organizations to comprehend their requirements before selecting, screening, and hiring engineers who are committed to the team and to achieving results. With the added advantage of working in a cost-effective offshore location, this creates a team that feels like an extension of the in-house workforce.

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