The Secret to Getting Your Marketing Message Noticed.

The Secret to Getting Your Marketing Message Noticed.

Do you find it challenging to explain what it is that you do?

Have you seen others’ eyes space out when you answer the inquiry, “What do you do”?

When delivering your elevator pitch at a networking event, introducing yourself at a business reception, responding to a question at a cocktail party, or promoting your services in print (online or offline), don’t worry about the details of how you get there. Instead, focus on the outcomes.

At one networking event, I remember meeting a “business consultant,” and when I asked him what he did, he looked surprised. It seemed as though everyone ought to know exactly what a consultant does, but in reality, there are many options in the consulting industry.

He went on to talk about the tedious details of his work, and yes, I could see my eyes glaze over, but I tried to focus on where he was going with his long explanation. By the time it was over, I still had no idea what his clients got out of working with him or who I could possibly recommend to them.

As a copywriter, I write content that convinces my clients’ target audience to act and make a purchase. My clients would rather not catch wind of the examination I do into their rival’s expectations (and that’s just the beginning) or how I find the watchwords expected to guarantee their possibilities will track down them.

They also don’t care about the many drafts and rewrites I do or how I print out my work, edit it with a red pen, transfer the changes, and edit it again, at least not at first (and a lot of the time, they don’t even care about that). They want to know if I can assist them in acquiring additional paying customers!

Every business owner and salesperson has their own unique “magic,” or process, for reaching the answers or solutions their customers are looking for. But for the time being, keep that magic a secret; it’s all yours. Instead, concentrate on these three areas:

1. Learn about your target audience and what is most important to them—in other words, what is their biggest issue.

2. Describe the outcomes they achieve as a result of working with you—the solution to that issue and how they will feel after utilizing your services.

3. Why you? What advantage do you offer that sets you apart from other service providers?

For instance, a wellness provider might offer a wide range of treatments. However, rather than listing all of them, which can be overwhelming and confusing, share the results of how your clients will feel after using your services.

Keep in mind that your customers are looking for information and ways to get from A to B. Please refrain from discussing your process’s twists, turns, and obstacles in your initial meeting or in your marketing messages. Simply inform them of the benefits they will receive if they select your assistance.

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